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Daily Flood Information


May 1, 2017 9:00 am

The risk of shoreline ice pileup is low today.

Flood Watch*:                 - Lower Assiniboine River, from Portage la Prairie to Headingley

Flood Warning*:             - Pelican Lake, water levels continue to decrease but remain high


·        Winds are forecasted to be light today and tomorrow (5 to 15 km/hour) for the major lakes. The risk of shoreline ice pileup is low.

·        Any questions or concerns about flood mitigation should be directed to the municipal authority.

Pembina River

·        A Flood Warning remains in effect for Pelican Lake. Water levels on Pelican Lake are expected to be within the desired operating range of 1,350.2 1351.7 feet by mid-May based on dry weather conditions.

Assiniboine River Basin

·        The Shellmouth Reservoir water level is at 1,399.81 feet. Current inflows to the reservoir are approximately 2,514 cfs (71.2 cms). Outflows from the dam are 827 cfs (23.4 cms). Water levels on the Assiniboine River will continue to recede.

·        Assiniboine River flows upstream of the Portage Diversion channel are 18,594 cfs (527 cms) and continue to decline. As of this morning, flow on the Portage Diversion channel is 7,904 cfs (224 cms) and flow on the Assiniboine River downstream of the diversion is 10,690 cfs (303 cms). The Portage Diversion is forecasted to be in operation until the end of May.

·        A Flood Watch remains in effect for the area between Portage la Prairie and Headingley due to high flows on the Assiniboine River.

Manitoba Lakes

·        Ice is gone or beginning to break up on lakes in Manitoba. The south basin of Lake Winnipeg is ice free, while ice remains in the north basin but is beginning to break up. The south basin of Lake Manitoba is now clear of ice. The north basin of Lake Manitoba is seeing ice break up and is approximately 40% ice covered. Dauphin Lake is approximately 10% ice covered. The risk of shoreline ice pileup continues to be monitored daily:

Major Manitoba Lakes May 1, 2017


Wind Speed
and Direction

Ice Risk of

Water Level*

Dauphin Lake

7-17 ESE


857.48 feet

Lake Manitoba - Steep Rock

4-14 ESE


813.45 feet

Lake Manitoba - Westbourne

6-10 SE


813.54 feet

Lake Pineimuta

4-9 ESE



Lake St. Martin at Hilbre

4-9 ESE


802.90 feet

Lake Winnipeg at Gimli

6-13 N


716.05 feet

Lake Winnipeg at Victoria Beach

6-12 N


716.03 feet

Lake Winnipegosis at South

7-16 ESE


834.12 feet

East Shoal Lake

7-12 NE



West Shoal Lake

7-12 NE



North Shoal Lake

7-12 NE



Oak Lake

2-6 ENE



Pelican Lake

7-13 E



Rock Lake

7-14 ENE


1335.37 feet

Red Deer Lake

6-10 NE



Swan Lake near Novra

5-7 NNE



Whitewater Lake

4-6 NE



*water level readings taken today

·        The water level recorder at Whitewater Lake has been repaired and is currently producing valid data. The lake level is currently at 1633.42 ft which is near the record high of 1633.73 ft. The mean level of the lake 1628 feet.

·        The wind eliminated Lake Winnipeg water level this morning was at approximately 715.9 feet.

·        Today, the flow on the Waterhen River is 11,583 cfs (328 cms).

·        The Fairford River Water Control Structure is being operated for maximum possible discharge; outflow from Lake Manitoba and is approximately 12,360 cfs (350 cms).

Text Box: 2
The estimated natural outflow from Lake Manitoba at the current lake level, if the Fairford River Water Control Structure and associated channel improvements hadn’t been constructed, is approximately 3,500 cfs (110 cms).



Flood Warning: A flood warning is issued when river or lake levels are exceeding or are expected to be exceeding flood stage within the next 24 hours.

Flood Watch: A flood watch is issued when river or lake levels are approaching and likely to reach flood stage, but likely not within the next 24 hours.


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High Water Advisory: A high water advisory is issued when a heavy storm or high flows are expected and may cause water levels to rise, but not necessarily reach flood stage. A high water advisory can be an early indicator for conditions that may develop into a flood watch or flood warning.