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Surface Drainage

The RM of Portage is the drainage authority for all lands in its jurisdiction with the exception of natural waterways and Province of Manitoba designated drains. This policy establishes guidelines and conditions for the drainage projects on land in the Municipality.

Surface Drainage Policy PW-06

Land owner requests for improvements to municipal, provincial or Highway drains should be made to the appropriate ward councilor or to the RM of Portage by completing and submitting the Drainage Works Request Form a minimum of 6 months prior to the project start date. The license application must cover no less than 1 mile in length and have a minimum of 2 miles downstream landowner permission in writing. See the attached Schedule C for the Application for Private Drainage Works.


All requests received will be reviewed by the Councilor of the Ward. The Council of the RM of Portage establishes an annual municipal drainage works plan to be funded as part of the municipal budget. Additional municipal drainage projects may be added as time and budget allow. Private drainage works will not be performed nor funded by the municipality.