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Daily Flood Forecast

April 11th

Current flows:

Holland 37,350 CFS. Forecast peak 40,000 approximately. Peak is to be April 12th. Peak in Portage on April 13th 

Diversion 20,016 CFS 

River east 13,070 CFS 

Brandon 21,460 CFS. Peak was April 9 at 23,500 CFS or so 

Souris 15,370 CFS. That's down 500 from yesterday 


Forecasted inflows are expected to be lower  40,000 total. Split will be roughly 25,000 CFS diversion and 15,000 CFS river. 


The river will go up to 14,000 today.  15,000 next day.  

They estimate we will see Above 35,000 CFS flow for 5 days.