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Delta Beach - Lake Manitoba Shore Photos

Posted: June 7, 2017


LAKE Manitoba Shore Photos


Click here:!ApbzuTLvzB4f5Gd0k5Gj6AJWVI-w


These photos were taken May 23, 2017 by Jon Graham from Lakefront Restorers.  You will notice the debris on the shore in the pictures.  – since then the publicbeach area has been cleaned by Meseyton (arranged and paid for by the Province). The remaining shoreline clean up is being tendered out and paid by the Province.



3 - 35 are East of Channel

36 - 347 are West of Channel

70 - 78, 163-170, 189 -195 are campground

117 - 121 are the channel

311 - 333 are the diversion outlet


Unfortunately it was discovered that one of the geo tubes were recently vandalized (located east of the campground), causing it to deflate.  You will also notice that some of the geo tubes slid off their skirting due to the higher water levels this year.


The good news is the tubes -  whether full, moved off or flat, are still a benefit. The skirting below has caused sand bars to "trip up” waves and minimize impact to the shore. The filling up of most of the sink holes are occurring and the water at the shore is moving to keep the weeds and stagnation of water from occurring.